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How to Protect High Traffic Areas of Carpet

Posted - 03/19/2012

If your house has a lot of carpet, it can be an intelligent decision to use a professional carpet cleaning service company for regular maintenance. But there are many things you can do on your own that require little effort and will help protect those high traffic areas of your carpeted rooms. You can purchase inexpensive plastic carpet film. These come in rolls and can be bought at many local hardware and flooring shops. Moreover, try using some stylish washable carpet runners, sometimes known as area rugs. They'll do a terrific job of protecting your carpet underneath.

Heavy-duty mats made out of such attractive and durable materials as wool, wood and high quality rubber and vinyl will also work wonders in keeping dirt, mud, sand, and many stains off your carpet in those heavily walked on areas such as the entrance hallway, the living room, the space right inside the house where you enter from the garage, the walkways between bedrooms and inside the main bedrooms themselves. Also, you should regularly use carpet cleaning shampoo and carpet protective solvents or inexpensive aerosol foam sprays and maintain a consistent schedule of cleaning these most heavily used and necessary sections of all of your carpeting.
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